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Business Coaching

Working in business can be challenging at the best of times so business coaching can give you a much needed edge to succeed.

As a trained psychologist, Vickie is uniquely positioned to help you either take your business to the next level, enjoy your business or excel in the career you have chosen.


What kind of issues can business coaching help you with?

Do you struggle with confrontation or managing any kind of conflict? Managing conflict can be necessary in all kinds of organisations, if avoid it, you may find that eventually it holds you back.

Do you struggle with taking a passive approach when ideally you would like to assert your needs more confidently?

Do you worry about communicating with your colleagues in case you come across too aggressively or trigger conflict?

Do you seize up when you need to communicate with superiors or peers?

Do you struggle to assert yourself? Or do so at inappropriate times?



Are you petrified about giving presentations, attending interviews or need some help in sounding and behaving more confident?

Do you struggle with asking for a payrise or a promotion and shy away from applying for jobs?

Do you undervalue yourself and play down your strengths because you do not want to bring attention to yourself?

Do you have a fear of failure that cripples you? Or a fear of success or of being judged by others?

Is work life balance non-existent with your business or career?


If you answered  yes to any of these problems, you owe it to yourself to get them addressed. Unless something changes you might find that you end up being stuck with problems like this and this could really hold you back from achieving the success in life that you deserve.

Contact Vickie today and start to discover how you can become your best self.


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