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Coronavirus Safe Therapy

Please rest assured that your safety is of utmost important.  Hence why a number of measures have been especially implemented to ensure Coronavirus Safe Therapy.

Until further notice, all meetings are conducted at the only location suitable for social distancing.  This meeting room has a 12ft long table thereby permitting safe therapy which exceeds social distancing guidelines.  Multiple overhead windows in this meeting room are kept open to mitigate risk of any air borne contagions.  Perspex screens are available if required.

Where a space is well ventilated with few people, the risk of infection is extremely low.

All new patients will be required to undergo telephone consultations before arranging to meet in person

On arrival all visitors are required to wash their hands in the bathroom which is sanitised hourly.  This bathroom and all surfaces and touch points are sanitised between all patient visits.   Extensive gaps have been enforced between appointments to avoid the risk of intercepting anyone else at all.  During all therapy sessions we remain a safe distance apart.

Obviously it goes without saying that neither of us should meet if we are experiencing any relevant symptoms, or have been in contact with anyone else who has or live with someone who is vulnerable and/or has previously been shielding.