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The Brains response to Fear and Anxiety

The brain’s response to fear and anxiety Fear is a deeply wired response that has evolved to protect us from perceived threat and promote our survival. It’s not limited to […]
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What is Self-esteem?

What is Self-esteem? Self-esteem is the way we perceive and value. This can be influenced by lots of different things, from our childhoods to life events. When we have low […]
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How childhood neglect can result in problems in adulthood.

Mammals and humans need, and are responsive to, signals of care and affection and have evolved attachment mechanisms that are sensitive and responsive to such signals Not only do these […]
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Self Criticism

According to evolutionary theory, through communicating with one another, we create different role relationships (e.g., attachment, sexual, domination and subordination). Different role relationships are created through communication or signals, and […]
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How will CBT for social anxiety help you?

CBT for social anxiety is an extensive, but time limited treatment that can help you to feel less anxious while socialising or even just while you are in the company […]
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