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What happens when we panic

It’s normal to feel anxious sometimes, but if you are having a panic attack, you will experience severe levels of anxiety. You may think this means you are having a […]
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Is social anxiety holding you back?

Social anxiety can manifest itself in a number of ways, but all of these will have a common theme; they involve other people. If you had this whole planet to […]
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Whats Wrong With Anger?

If you frequently find yourself losing your temper you might find this leads to considerably more than the chance to let off steam.  Angry outbursts can easily result in conflict […]
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What Maintains Low Self Esteem

Our beliefs about ourselves (core beliefs) can often emerge from early life experiences. As adults, there are things we do on a day to-day basis that will keep these beliefs […]
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The 3 stages of Shyness and Social Anxiety

THE THREE STAGES OF SOCIAL ANXIETY   For someone suffering with social anxiety, a forthcoming social event will present 3 different stages that the sufferer will experience psychologically: the anticipatory […]
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NHS v Private Therapy

Working for the NHS during the early stages of my career as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist  proved to be very interesting.  This provided a real insight into how psychological therapies […]
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Self Criticism

According to evolutionary theory, through communicating with one another, we create different role relationships (e.g., attachment, sexual, domination and subordination). Different role relationships are created through communication or signals, and […]
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How childhood neglect can result in problems in adulthood

Mammals and humans need, and are responsive to, signals of care and affection and have evolved attachment mechanisms that are sensitive and responsive to such signals Not only do these […]
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Social Anxiety Disorder

How would you feel if you had to give a presentation? Might you start sweating? Feel your body temperature rising? Ohoh Feel very conscious that you are the centre of attention?
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CBT for Social Anxiety

How will CBT for social anxiety help you? CBT for social anxiety is an extensive, but time limited treatment that can help you to feel less anxious while socialising or […]
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